Hi, I'm Sarah. I design with curiosity and compassion to drive meaningful change.

I enjoy designing experiences that enrich our world and help people live better lives. Not currently looking for new opportunities, but open to side projects.



OVER THE LAST 10 YEARS, I’ve had the opportunity to solve a variety of problems for a variety of people. From teachers and students to doctors and nurses, I've learned that regardless of what people do for a living or after work, most problems boil down to one core truth: We all want to relieve our suffering.

Whether it’s the stress of managing a classroom full of third graders or attending to multiple patients with multiple ailments in a day with not nearly enough hours, design has the incredible power to eliminate pain and create space for what's really important.

To me, this is what designing with compassion means — acting on the intention to identify, understand, and relieve the suffering of others. It's a process that requires asking the right questions, actively listening, and carefully removing one's ego at the door. More importantly, it requires a boundless curiosity for people and a genuine desire to help them live their best lives.

As a designer, I not only believe that design has the power to better our world, but I recognize my opportunity to create meaningful change in the lives of others. It is the reason why I choose to work on products and with companies that purposefully put people — their customers AND their teams — first.

Currently, I'm taking some time off to rest, reflect, and reset before starting my new role in September. If you're interested in design mentorship or working together on a project, then say hello!


From top-left to bottom-right: (1) me with some plants (and my treadmill), (2) my favorite thing: a stack of new books, (3) my sweet pup Lucy, (4) my other sweet pup Charlie, (5) my favorite bird-watching tree, and (6) a selfie with a goat I met in Seattle

My design story

I come from a small town in Indiana – the kind where the only thing to do is drive through the countryside and count the cornfields. To keep myself entertained during weekends and summers, I taught myself how to build websites. 

It wasn't until high school that I realized that I could keep doing this and actually make a living from it. So, I went to Indiana Tech to study web development. A year after graduating, I moved to Nashville, Tennessee to start my first UX design job.

Since then, I've made the small but significant pivot into product design. I find myself most energized when I can untangle complex systems. Whether it's products, processes, or people, I enjoy connecting the dots to create thoughtful end-to-end experiences. Currently, I'm learning about UX writing, information architecture, and content modeling to deepen not only my systems thinking toolkit, but my understanding of the human language.

When I'm not designing or writing, you can find me heads down in a thriller or sci-fi novel, taking care of (and propagating) my indoor plants, or hanging out with my husband and our two senior dachshunds, Charlie and Lucy.